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How's this possible and is it legitimate to earn imvu credits here?

How the site works is simple, we have some sponsors here such as Kelloggs, Shell Gasoline and Chili's pay this site to put up offers for you as requirements which you have to fill up to get them for free. Now, these offers range from giving an opinion on a product, being a member of a website, signing up to an e-mail subscription, install mobile apps and mobile games, taking a quiz, playing a game or simply watching a video!

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In return for your participation to get free imvu credits, you will get all the advantages from us! What's that then? IMVU Credits Adder V2! This tool will give you all your needs. It can generate unlimited credits for IMVU and send it directly to your account in less that 24 hours! Sounds great, huh? I'm pretty much sure, some of you or maybe all of you have been searching for the working method on how to get them with downloaded all those hack shit, but none of them even work. Usually some of them just a virus, isn't it? With our tool you can saves tons of money for buying IMVU credits and the important thing is, it works!

Along with the above ways, our sponsors are always looking for opinions on how this tool works for you. You'll have to be able to do surveys in order to exchange with this tool. Why surveys? This surveys is need to be done for keep our sponsors give some trusts, in this case investement, on our site and to keep our hack tool updateable for you. The good thing is, we just keep the tool for the right person who really need free IMVU credits and not for the leecher who will use this tool for spamming.

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So, how do I get all of this from you?

Simple. Once you press the download button, you will see the pop up screen which fill with our sponsors offers and surveys. Sometimes in those surveys you just need enter your valid email, put and verify your mobile numbers, or sign up in our sponsor sites. It won't be more than 3 minutes to complete one of them. Once you have fill the requirements, the pop up screen will disappeared and your download will begin automatically. Most offers are simple but some have a slight delay in crediting but nothing longer than a few minutes. Now all you need is press the download button below to get your free IMVU credits with our IMVU Credits Adder V2!

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